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Last updated: Sept 23rd, 2018

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A Dream to Come True:

An exciting, vivid introduction describing the Human Rights Cities initiative and the imperative for Human Rights Learning at the community level.

joinus to facilitate the development of 100 human rights cities worldwide
Through the learning human rights as a way of life at the community level,
to move charity to dignity in equality and trust.
There is no other option ! If interested write to us at: pdhre@igc.org
Thank you

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Human Rights Learning: Pedagogies and Politics of Peace   acrobat
This paper is based on a lecture delivered for the UNESCO Chair for Peace Education Master Conference at the University of Puerto Rico, April 15, 2009.

New!  Know Human Rights, Claim Human Rights   acrobat
Conference Presentation by Satya Das at the 15 Years Vienna World Conference on Human Rights

New!  The Nature of Human Rights Learning For all to know human rights as a way of life PDF file   acrobat
Article presented by PDHRE President at Vienna +fifteen, for the cerebration of the 60th Anniversary of the UDHR

New!  Chain of Humanity for Dignity, Equality and Life Without Discrimination   acrobat
Article by PDHRE President in e-Civicus - Issued 10 December 2008


Human Rights Learning: A Peoples' Report

Women Hold Up the Sky  
Video/dramas and training manual on CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women

In Our Hands: Human Rights as a Way of Life   acrobat
Article by PHDRE President.

Understanding Human Rights: A Manual for Human Rights Education  
Second edition of a manual for Human Rights Education

Freedom of Religion and Belief: An Essential Human Right   acrobat
A video/drama training manual. Produced in collaboration by IARF and PDHRE.

Passport to Dignity  
Connecting the 12 Areas of Concern of the Beijing Platform For Action to the Human Rights Framework

A Call for Justice  
A Resource Packet to Empower the Work of NGOs and Community Workers

What We Do

Shulamith Koenig
Recipient of the 2003 UN Award for outstanding achievement in the field of Human Rights

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"Water Is Life" We Must Realize, Learn and Know: Human Rights as a Way of Life.

"Water Guardians" a United Nations NGO Voluntary Commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 14 #OceanAction21684

Click here for OceanAction

A human rights framework to realizing, learning and knowing: Ocean and Waterways Literacy as a way of life

Click here for Vimeo.com

Join in the movement to build
100 Human rights cities, where
inhabitants in different countries.
Religions, culture and historic memory
designs new future for humanity, guided by
Human Rights as A WAY OF LIFE!!

We Are The Human Rights Generation Human Rights Is A Way Of Life! We Will Know Them And Claim Them For All Women Men Youth A Child From Those Who Speak Human Rights And Deny Them To Their Own People . Human Rights Are Inalienable Protected By Law No One Can Take Them Away From Us They Are Our Birthright To Learn , Know Own And Act Upon. Creating A New Future For Humanity We Are Here To Serve ! Join To Develop Human Rights Cities HUMAN RIGHTS IS A WAY OF LIFE! There Is No Other Option !!! Bring The Future Home!

Human Rights Cities


Bringing Human Rights Home.

Achievements as reports from the field  PDF file

New!  We are delighted to inform our readers that the city of Carrboro, NC, has adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a guideline for laws, policies and practices on the way to developing Carrboro as a Human Rights City. Chapel Hill, NC is on the way to doing the same. These efforts are initiated by the Human Rights Center of Chapel Hill & Carrboro

  [download the resolution] acrobat

A New Global Linking & Learning Programme on Human Rights in Development

Global Appeal for Human Rights Learning
A call for endorsement

Transforming the Patriarchical Order to a Human Rights Culture through Human Rights Learning
Men and women changing the world

Millennium Development Goals as human rights learning: building the capacities of the claim holders through learning as empowerment

  acrobat [Chinese] [French] [Spanish] PDHRE presentation at the high level meeting - A UN document

Articles by Shulamith Koenig:

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Learn About The Holistic Vision of Human Rights:

Every woman, man, youth and child has the human right to a life in dignity. The human rights framework is a practical, effective tool to belong in community with dignity for all. Explore the 24 issues below, to learn human rights related to social and economic justice and injustice, breaking through the vicious cycle of humiliation. Discover how learning about human rights can put power in your hands to achieve social change. Learn what obligations and commitments your government has made to ensuring the realization of human rights for all, and hold your government accountable. Know your human rights, and claim them - become a mentor and a monitor! [ en franšais ] [ espa˝ol ] [ Chinese ]

The Aged
Differently Abled
Indigenous Peoples
Livelihood & Land
Migrant Workers
Peace & Disarmament
Sexual Orientation
Sustainable Development

Work & Workers

Non-official summaries of the UN human rights Covenants and Conventions

"We will accept nothing less than human rights.
We will know them and claim them,
For all women, men, youth and children,
From those who speak human rights,
But deny them to their own people."

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