10 Best Xiaomi Sport Cameras – Review And Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered what is the best xiaomi sport cameras? Well, I did, so I went on a hunt to find out. It turns out that it was relatively hard to do because there are many aspects to consider. Besides, everyone has different needs and preferences. However, after careful research, I was able to create my personal list of the top xiaomi sport cameras right now, which I’m going to share with you today.

Finding the best xiaomi sport cameras for your budget if you’re looking for some help keeping yourself in shape or need guidance on where to start. This review gives you an overview of your options. There is a lot of xiaomi sport cameras on the market; which one should you buy? I’ve reviewed and rated 10 of the most popular products in this article.

A selection process

We analyzed a wide range of xiaomi sport cameras to provide a great overview of the current market. Each was objective across a few criteria to determine relative levels of performance. We compare each across the different factors to determine which products are best for specific applications. Based on our expert recommendations, we have selected our top picks:

  • Size
  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • materials
  • Style
  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Consumer ratings & reviews
  • Product price
  • Warranties
  • Types

10 xiaomi sport cameras: Editor Recommended

10 xiaomi sport cameras Review:

1. Kastar 1-Pack Battery Replacement for Xiaomi YI AZ16-1, Xiaomi YI AZ16-2 Battery, Xiaomi Yi 4K, Xiaomi Yi 4K+, Xiaomi Yi Lite, Xiaomi YI 360 VR Sport Action Camera Camcorder

Features :

  • High Capacity: Kastar super high capacity battery will power your camera for much longer.
  • Specification: Battery Type: Lithium-ion; Battery Voltage: 3.85V; Battery Capacity: 1480mAh.
  • Safe to Use: Kastar lithium-ion battery cells meets UL1642 & CE safety standards to ensure that your battery pack will be safe to use as a replacement for your unit. Comes with built-in over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, and over-heating protection circuit.
  • Save Money & Time: Do not spend too much time and money on frequent brands with low quality replacement. With our longer run time & protection features, your cycle life will also be improved because you get quality product for your camera.
  • Package Includes: 1-Pack Battery

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 1
Length 2
Weight 0.0625

2. 5Pcs 6cm Long Thumbscrew Set Compatible with for GoPro/for Sjcam/Xiaomi Yi/AEE Sport Cameras, Easily Tighten and Loosen Screws, Stainless Steel and ABS Screw

Features :

  • ☞ Made of high quality high-strength, stainless steel and ABS, more wearable and durable, provides long life
  • ☞ Easily tighten and loosen screws
  • ☞ Easy to install and use
  • ☞ Standard long screw for gopro camera and holder stand connecting conveniently
  • ☞ Accessories for fixing cameras to a standard tripod , suction cup , monopod etc

Additional Info :

Color default
Item Dimensions
Height 7.87401574
Width 19.68503935
Length 39.3700787
Weight 0.110231131

3. Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera  Camcorder Memory Card 2 x 32GB microSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter (2 Pack)

Features :

  • (2 Pack) of: 32GB microSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter
  • (SDHC) Class 4 Speed Performance
  • Micro SD Card, comes with SD Adapter, Compatiable with all SDHC Devices
  • Synergy Digital is a very high reputable company that manufactures Memory Cards and other photo and electronic accessories for over 2 decades, this memory card comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Synergy Digital is a Registered Trademark

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 0.38

4. Acouto Frame Mount Housing Case for Xiaomi YI 4K for XiaoYi 2 Sports Action Camera Housing Side Mount Protective Frame Case Protective Housing Cover with Mount Adapter

Features :

  • Fitment—- Frame Mount Housing Case is suitable for Xiaomi YI 4K / 2 sports action camera. 100% brand new, please confirm whether the product is suitable before purchasing
  • High Quality ABS—- The protective housing case is made of high-quality ABS material, which is wear-resistant and durable, light-weight and has long service life. The manufacture of the protective housing case meets the strict quality requirements
  • Better Protection—- This housing side frame can provide protection for your camera, can withstand slight impact, protect the camera from damage and wear, and keep the camera as new as ever. Provide protection without affecting the use of the original button
  • Easy to Use—- Side gives your an easy access to all ports and buttons, which is easy to use. The housing side border is produced according to the original 1:1 original version of your camera, the key positions are precise and the lines are perfect
  • Easy to Install—- Long screw and mount adapter are included to meet your need. Mount adapter is included for flexibility. The installation is simple and does not require complicated operations, save time and effort

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.9842519675
Width 3.543307083
Length 5.905511805

5. Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera  Camcorder Memory Card 2 x 64GB microSDXC Class 10 Extreme Memory Card with SD Adapter (2 Pack)

Features :

  • (2 Pack) of: 64GB microSDXC Class 10 Extreme Memory Card with SD Adapter
  • (SDXC) Class 10 Speed Performance
  • Micro SD Card, comes with SD Adapter, Compatiable with all SDXC Devices
  • Synergy Digital is a very high reputable company that manufactures Memory Cards and other photo and electronic accessories for over 2 decades, this memory card comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Synergy Digital is a Registered Trademark

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 0.38

6. Action Mount® – 3 pc Universal Conversion Adapter Set for Sony Cam, Xiaomi, or GoPro. Has Camera Screw (1/4-Inch 20), Easily Connect Action Camera to GoPro Style Accessories. (3pcs Camera Adapters)

Features :

  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with all mounting accessories with the GoPro lateral screw pattern. Just plug in, screw in place, then attach Sport Camera.
  • HIGH QUALITY – 3 PCS Made from premium quality plastic and soft protective rubber for extended durability
  • SONY, XIOAMI, or POINT & SHOOT CAMERA – Features tripod screw to connect Sport Cameras onto any GoPro Style Mount, handheld stick, tripod adapter, etc.
  • SO EASY – Fits any standard Sport Camera with a ¼”-20 threading. Screws in nice and tight.
  • OTHER ACTION CAMS – Allows attachment of standard camera or action camera (e.g., Sony, Xioami, JVC, etc.) to any GoPro Camera mount or accessory. 3 Pcs included with purchase.

Additional Info :

Color 3pcs Camera Adapters
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 0.5
Length 1

7. LRONG 2PCS Camera Mount Adapter with Camera Screw Conversion Adapter for GoPro Hero Sony Xiaomi Sjcam Sports Camera and Other Standard 1/4 Inch Accessories

Additional Info :

Color Black

8. PULUZ Proffesional ND Lens Filter ND8 Filter for Xiaomi Xiaoyi Yi II 4K 4K+ Sport Action Camera

Features :

  • ND filters could limit the reflection from non-metal surface such as water and glass windows. Using this filter, the colors shall become brighter and clearer.
  • Its reducing capacity for each kinds of different wavelengths light is equal and uniform.It only weakens the light and has no any fluence with the object’s primary color, so you can reproduce the real scene contrast.
  • If the captured image is too bright, it may not be able to shoot with the slow shutter speed. In this case, this ND filter can reduce the amount of light and avoid over-exposure to reflect the photographer’s intention.
  • This filter is made of high strength glass, it also can play a protective role for Xiaomi Xiaoyi Yi II 4K sport action camera lens.
  • Size Diameter: about 25mm / 0.98in.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.79
Width 1.57
Length 1.57
Weight 0.0110231131

9. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband 1.1 inch Color Screen Miband with Magnetic Charging 11 Sports Modes Remote Camera Bluetooth 5.0 Global Version – Black

Features :

  • To make it easier to use, the new Xiaomi smartband offers you maximum control thanks to its touch control ability so you can use it without any problem.
  • With this new model you will be able to know all this, no matter what you practice because it has 11 sports modes that go from racing to cycling and, most importantly, now you can also have your data clear while practicing yoga.
  • Likewise, this model also allows you to practice water sports. With a resistance capacity of 5ATM, although we do not recommend diving, you can use it for sports practices such as swimming.
  • This model also allows you to know the state of your sleep thanks to its sleep monitor that, in addition, will detect when you have entered the REM phase and for how long. This is very useful, since the quality of your sleep is what marks how rested you will be the next day
  • This model offers you a capacity of use of up to 14 days without any problem and with all its sensors activated. The Mi Band 5 model has wireless charging, you can have it ready in just 4 hours. One of the most interesting models of the moment.

Additional Info :

Color black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.4724409444
Width 0.7086614166
Length 1.8503936989
Weight 0.0513677070875
Release Date 2020-07-01T00:00:01Z

10. Honbobo RAM Mount Ball Head Adapter Base for GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3+ 3 2 1 RAM Mount Sjcam Xiaomi YI Sport Action Camera Mount Accessories

Features :

  • Mount Adapter Base Suit for Xiaomi Yi ,for GoPro Hero 8 7 6 5 4 3+,SJ4000/SJ5000/SJ6000/SJ9000,Xiaomi YI action camera etc.
  • Mount RAM Connector with 25 mm diameter for all RAM Mount Adapter.
  • Mount Rubber ball design absorbs shock and vibrations.
  • Mount Easy to attach the GoPro, small and compact.
  • Packing list: 1x RAM mount adapter.

Buying Guide of  xiaomi sport cameras:

The best way to make the most of your time is to list the things you want to buy, weighing all the factors before deciding. There are many ways this post can suggest that will help you do this and avoid purchasing the wrong product. If you’re in a hurry for some reason, take our word for it don’t buy anything until you’ve finished reading this post! These factors will help you make the right decision when buying a product. Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying a product:

  • Price: How much are you willing to spend on your new product? If money is not an issue, you can choose the most expensive option. However, if you have a tight budget, then it is important to choose one that fits your needs and budget.
  • Durability: You need to consider how long your xiaomi sport cameras will last before you buy it. Investing in something that will last longer than buying something that will break down after just a few uses is always better.
  • Quality: The quality of xiaomi sport cameras should be considered before buying it. A good product will have high-quality materials used during manufacturing and construction.
  • Brand: The brand reputation of a particular product is also important because it tells you how reliable they are and how they stand behind their products.

Here is a brief description of important factors for buying a product:

Check Reviews

This is a great way to know what other people have experienced with xiaomi sport cameras. You can check out user reviews on Amazon or other websites where users can post their thoughts on a product. The best place to look for reviews is on Amazon, which has a star rating system that gives you an idea of how good or bad a product is. If there are enough reviews with bad ratings (less than 3 stars), it’s probably not worth buying that product.

Look at the price

This may seem obvious, but it’s important not to just look at how much something costs and decide that it’s too expensive. Instead, you should compare prices between different sellers and see which offers more value for money! For example, if you find a similar product for $10 cheaper elsewhere, it might be worth buying from that seller instead of the first one you came across!

Type of product

There are many types of xiaomi sport cameras you can buy. Some are basic, while others are advanced. You need to determine what type of product you need and then buy one that fits your needs. For example, if you want a simple product, the best choice is a basic one. However, suppose you want something more advanced. In that case, it’s better to get an expensive one because it will have extra features.


The product size also matters when choosing the right xiaomi sport cameras for yourself or someone else, as different people have different requirements when using their products. For example, if there is someone who uses large sized products or devices, then he/she would need something bigger than others who use smaller devices or tools. Therefore, it is important that you look at the size of each product before purchasing them so that they can meet all your needs and requirements in terms of size.


You need to buy a branded product because it has been tested and proven effective by many people before you buy it. Brands also have guarantees on their xiaomi sport cameras so that if anything happens to your new item within the warranty period, they will repair it or replace it without hassle.


You should consider how long the xiaomi sport cameras will last. This is because it is important for you to buy something that will serve your needs for years. If many people have used a particular product without any problem, then it means that it is durable and can serve your purpose well.

Easy to Use

When buying a xiaomi sport cameras, make sure that it is easy to use so that you do not experience any difficulties while using it after purchase. Some xiaomi sport cameras may look great but are too complicated for your level of expertise or knowledge about them. Make sure that the product is user-friendly so that even someone who does not have much experience can use it comfortably without any problems or inconveniences whatsoever.

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