Our 10 Best Proportional Brake Controllers – Top Product Reviwed

To find the proportional brake controllers, we assembled a list of products, taking a close look at the factors that would make each great for a camping trip or other outdoor adventure, including each product’s overall size, weight, and durability. We compared the products to each other to find out which one was best.

It is important to know all about it to make an informed decision when buying a proportional brake controllers. This guide will help you understand how to choose a proportional brake controllers that will meet your needs.

10 proportional brake controllers: Editor Recommended

10 proportional brake controllers Review:

1. CURT 51140 TriFlex Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Proportional

Features :

  • INTELLIGENT BRAKING. This trailer brake controller operates with an integrated circuit called a triple-axis accelerometer. This circuit detects motion on three planes and provides braking power accordingly, up or down a hill.Fit Type: Universal
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT. The TriFlex brake controller is highly adjustable to accommodate different vehicles, trailers and loads. It provides 9 levels of sensitivity adjustment and features driver-selectable power output and manual activation
  • COMPACT DESIGN. This electric brake controller has a sleek, subtle design to avoid dominating the dash of your vehicle. It measures only 3-1/4 inches x 4 inches x 7/8 inches. The TriFlex perfectly balances a compact design with powerful operation
  • VERSATILE. You can use this electric trailer brake controller on virtually any trailer with 1 to 4 axles (2 to 8 brakes). It is also fully compatible with cruise control, anti-lock brakes, low-voltage systems and PWM systems
  • SIMPLE SETUP. Installing and setting up the TriFlex trailer brake controller is fast and easy. It can be plugged into your vehicle in minutes using a vehicle-specific quick plug harness (sold separately). It also has automatic leveling and calibration

Additional Info :

Color Regular
Item Dimensions
Height 2.63
Width 5
Length 7
Weight 0.551155655
Release Date 2012-02-03T00:00:01Z

2. Tekonsha 902502 Prodigy RF, Plug & Play Trailer Mounted Proportional Brake Controller for Trailers with 1-3 Axles, Black

Features :

  • PROPORTIONAL ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER: Provides automatic braking based on the intensity and rate at which you apply your tow vehicle’s brakes, thanks to an internal inertia sensor. This makes the Tekonsha Prodigy RF brake controller ideal in any braking situation.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • UTILIZES BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: The Prodigy RF trailer brake controller communicates seamlessly from the handheld remote to the trailer-mounted power module
  • NON-INVASIVE: Mounting to the trailer, the Prodigy RF mobile brake controller is the perfect solution if you want a non-invasive, simple-to-use unit. It is the perfect solution for fleet or leased vehicles
  • EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: Digital display on handheld remote shows proper connection, power output, and complete diagnostics
  • BOOST FEATURE: Boost provides up to three levels of stopping power at the touch of a button, giving you confidence in stopping safely when you’re hauling heavier loads and/or need more power supplied faster to stop

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 9
Length 13
Weight 5.5

3. Tekonsha 90885C Prodigy® P2 Trailer Brake Controller, Proportional, 1 to 4 Axles

Features :

  • Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway
  • Designed to work with electronic over hydraulic brake systems
  • Numerous mounting options, includes 360 degree vertical rotation
  • Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0
Width 0
Length 0
Weight 0.99

4. Timilge Proportional Electronic Trailer Brake Controller Digital LED Screen Display with 2 to 8 Braking System Replace 8508211 (Proportion)

Features :

  • 【Intelligent braking】Proportional controllers are the safest and most responsive braking system you can install.Proportional trailer brake controllers automatically sense when your tow vehicle slows down or stops. This type of brake controller will replicate your own braking intensity for your trailer’s brakes — whether you slow to a gradual stop or have to slam on your brakes.
  • 【Easy to display】LED Digital display screens show the voltage delivery going from the brake controller to the trailer’s brakes. Easy to read, easy to observe vehicle conditions in real time.In case of emergencies, make adjustments in time.
  • 【Safer and more stable】Fits 1 to 4 axle (2 to 8 brakes) trailers to deliver a signal from your vehicle’s brakes to your trailer,both quantity of braking power (result) and rate of the program (sync) can be adjusted to fit your inclination, the street conditions, and kind of trailer,increase the safety of driving.Requires no leveling.
  • 【Quick installation and use】Wiring ports are available for vehicle-specific brake controller harnesses and provide a quick connection between the controller and the towing vehicle for quick and easy installation or removal.
  • 【4 Wiring & Controls】BLACK-Vehicle Power, RED-Stop Light, WHITE-Vehicle Ground, BLUE-Trailer Brakes(Note: This part of the product manual describes incorrectly).

Additional Info :

5. CURT 51170 Spectrum Original Equipment Style, Integrated Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Proportional

Features :

  • FACTORY LOOK. The Spectrum trailer brake controller is designed to mount onto the dash of your vehicle and integrate with the other controls like a factory brake controller; It allows you to control and monitor all brake settings using a simple knob. Compatible with low-volt, PWM, ABS, cruise control and electric over hydraulic
  • HIDDEN MAIN MODULE; To maintain powerful trailer brake operation without obstructing your vehicle dash, the computer module of this brake controller is separate from the control knob and can be mounted out of sight
  • INTELLIGENT BRAKING; This trailer brake controller operates with an integrated circuit called a triple-axis accelerometer; This circuit detects motion on three planes and provides braking power accordingly, up or down a hill
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT; The Spectrum electric brake controller is highly adjustable to accommodate different vehicles, trailers and loads; The push-button knob offers easily accessible manual override whenever needed

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 3.75
Length 7

6. STAYTOP Electric Brake Controller for Trailer, Electric Trailer Brake Controller Proportional, Trailer Brake Controller and Wiring Harness

Features :

  • The Benefits Of Brake Controller :The Main Benefit Of Installing these Devices is Primarily Increased Safety While Towing. When You are Hauling Large Loads, Your Vehicles Braking Changes Dramatically and Can Be Unpredictable At Certain Speeds and Braking Strengths. the Brake Controller Applies the Brakes to the Trailer, Improving All-Around Braking. This is Easier to Control and Allows You to Brake Quickly.
  • Easy to Use : Trailer Brake Controller With Lcd Screen, With Multiple Screen Colors, Multi-Language Options; Diagnostic Display Of Output Current, and Select Electric Over Hydraulic Or Electric Trailer Brake Brake and Output Voltage, Warning System Warns Of No Trailer Brake Conditions, Can Store Setting Options, Reversing Mode and Manual Override and Has Multiple Drivers Options
  • Fits For : the Electric Brake Controller is Compatible With a Wide Range Of Vehicles Including For Ford, For Gm, For Chevy, For Dodge,For Ram, For Toyota, For Jeep, and More With 2, 4, 6, and 8 Brakes (1-4 Axles).
  • Brake Controller Boost Setting: the Boost Button Was Designed to Allow a More Aggressive Setting For Your Trailer Brakes and is Available In Three Levels – B1, B2, B3. Each Incremental Boost Setting Increases the Sensitivity Of the Inertial Sensor, Enhancing the Participation Of the Trailer Brakes During a Braking Event. Degraded Brake Performance ( Most Brakes Require Manual Adjustment)
  • Package Included: Electric Brake Controller, Brake Controller Bracket Wiring Harness ,and Manual .

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.9527559025
Width 4.330708657
Length 6.8897637725
Weight 1.1684499886

7. Tekonsha 8508220 Brake-EVN, Proportional Brake Controller for Trailers with 1-4 Axles, Black

Features :

  • PROPORTIONAL ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER: Provides automatic braking based on the intensity and rate at which you apply your tow vehicle’s brakes, thanks to an internal inertia sensor. This makes the Tekonsha BRAKE-EVN brake controller ideal in any braking situation
  • EASILY INSTALL THANKS TO PLUG & PLAY: The BRAKE-EVN trailer brake controller has a Plug & Play port for two plug adapters and a removeable electrical connector so the unit can be easily unplugged
  • EASY-TO-READ LED DISPLAY: Digital LED display shows settings, real-time diagnostics, and alerts
  • MANUAL BRAKING AVAILABLE: If you ever need to manually apply the brakes, simply move the manual control lever to the left. The BRAKE-EVN will apply power to your trailer’s brakes up to the amount of power previously set
  • VERSATILE: The BRAKE-EVN electric brake controller is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including Ford, GM, Chevy, Dodge, RAM, Toyota, Jeep, and more with 2, 4, 6, and 8 brakes (1-4 axles). Vehicle-specific Tekonsha Plug & Play brake controller wiring harness sold separately

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 1
Weight 0.6

8. Hayes 81770 Endeavor Digital Proportional Brake Controller, Gray

Features :

  • Digital, diagnostic read-out
  • No level adjustment required
  • Quik connect installation-save time
  • Made in USA – lead free

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 1.75
Length 4.25
Weight 1

9. CURT 51180 Echo Mobile Electric Trailer Brake Controller with Bluetooth-Enabled Smartphone Connection, Proportional, Black PLastic, 9 x 9 x 3 inches, BLACK PLASTIC

Features :

  • PORTABLE. The Echo trailer brake controller has a non-invasive install and is easily transferrable from one vehicle to another. It plugs into any 7-way connector, wirelessly links to your smartphone using Bluetooth
  • SMARTPHONE-READY. The Echo brake controller wirelessly syncs with your Apple or Android phone, turning it into a brake controller interface with the Smart Control app (Warning: Avoid distracted driving. Only make adjustments when vehicle is stationary). Note: If Bluetooth connection is lost, the brake controller will continue to function safely, using the most recently programmed settings
  • ZERO-TOOL INSTALL. Installing this trailer brake controller is as easy as plugging in a 7-way trailer wiring connector. It requires no tools, no extra wires and no hardware. A locking tab and strap keep it firmly connected. NOTE: Strap stored inside cap
  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE. Echo uses a triple-axis accelerometer to provide smooth, safe braking. It maintains responsive braking, even when your phone screen is locked, receives incoming calls or if the Bluetooth connection is lost
  • VERSATILE. This electronic trailer brake controller easily transfers between vehicles and trailers and works on virtually any trailer with 1 to 2 axles (2 to 4 brakes). It is also fully compatible with cruise control, anti-lock brakes, low-voltage systems
  • Not compatible, but will not interfere, with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Additional Info :

Color Black PLastic
Item Dimensions
Height 0
Width 0
Length 0
Weight 0.55

10. CURT 51160 Assure Electric Trailer Brake Controller with Dynamic Screen and Full Text Readout, Proportional, Black

Features :

  • FULL TEXT READOUT. The Assure brake controller is all about user-friendly operation, featuring a large, high-quality, 1-1/2-inch wide, pivoting screen that displays trailer brake operation through full-text, easy-to-read messages
  • TACTILE BUTTONS. This proportional brake controller has a pressure-sensitive manual override as well as tactile buttons, allowing you to apply the precise amount of brake power needed
  • POWERFUL ACCELEROMETER. The Assure brake controller operates with a triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer to detect every movement and the exact angle of your vehicle to ensure smooth, safe stops every time
  • VERSATILE. You can use this electric trailer brake controller on virtually any trailer with 1 to 4 axles (2 to 8 brakes). It is also fully compatible with cruise control, anti-lock brakes, low-voltage systems and PWM systems
  • SIMPLE SETUP. This electric brake controller quickly plugs into your vehicle using a CURT vehicle-specific quick plug harness (sold separately). It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and can be mounted at various angles

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.63
Width 5
Length 7

How To Choose Your proportional brake controllers

If you want to purchase products like the proportional brake controllers, you need to follow a buying guide. Some features need to tick your product before buying. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Price: Online purchase has been renowned for offering items at the best possible prices. As such places have networks with many dealers and manufacturers, sellers offer the best deals. Moreover, there are no intermediaries, which lessens the additional costs.
  • Reliability: As online stores portray customer reviews,  purchasing them boosts reliability. If faced with any defect, there is a scope for you to change. Some stores have excellent customer service, pushing you to buy from there.
  • Convenience: Who does not love convenience? Having everything as per your wish is something to die for. Buying a product from an online store is such. You do not have to worry about the time, the place, or the crowd. Everything happens when you want it and how you want it.
  • Functionality: Check out your proportional brake controllers functionality when you buy it. An easy way to do that would be to check the specs. Remember, the more vast the specs, the greater your product’s functionality.

What to look for when buying the proportional brake controllers?

The products in the market are manifold. The variety of products is so high that it may be confusing to choose the right one for you. This is why we have created this guide for you to help you pick the right proportional brake controllers easily.

1. The authenticity of the Online Shop Website 

I did mention earlier that shopping online is very convenient yet it’s tough to know whether the shop is genuine. Everyone can seem to create an online shop with a couple of photos and prices just to be seen as legitimate. To know whether it’s genuine, make sure to look for the following:

  • Contact Details — make sure to contact them first before buying to ensure that there would be someone to attend to you and you can understand further about their service.
  • Website Layout – browse and feel if the site looks professional. How’s the quality of the images and more, that you can potentially find from the content of the website itself.
  • Website Encryption — when buying from a secure website, you’ll always see the following in the address bar:

The padlock icon in the URL bar and the “s” in the “https://” means that your communication within the website and your computer are secured and encrypted online transactions.

2. Product Details 

There are many important factors that you always have to look at. Especially if it’s something, you’re going to wear or even consume. It can be material type, ingredients, benefits, sizes, etc. The more product details, the better.

3. Compare Prices of Similar Products 

If you’re not a frequent online shopper, you might find few items with good deals. But don’t let these deals trap you, do make sure to compare prices first of the similar products to other online shops. With so many online shops offering the same items, you’ll be shocked that some of them sell at a higher price than they are supposed to. There are so many websites out there that can help you check and compare prices.

4. Returns, Cancellations, and Refunds Policies 

It is a very important part to know when buying items online. It’s good to know how the company handles returns or cancellations of items and whether there would be any refunds in any case. Purchasing online will always be risky because we usually cannot verify the quality of the items. Therefore, having the knowledge if there would be a refund will be a great point to consider if the items won’t be the same as expected.

5. Shipping 

While online shopping has made it easier for us to purchase anything we want worldwide, sometimes it can also be tricky. Say the shipping, if we bought it locally – usually will only take a few days but if we bought it from the international shop – then likely we have to wait for more than weeks, which I believe we don’t have an issue with that especially if we’re informed for the estimated delivery date. But it’s a matter of what if they ship it to the wrong address or there would be a longer wait than expected. Another thing that we’re also particular with especially buying international items would be the shipping fee – most of us don’t mind buying more to get free shipping. And there are just some of the online shops’ techniques to encourage customers to buy more and think that we’re saving money for the shipping fee. Lastly not to forget to have the tracking number of monitoring the progress of the delivery of your item.

6. Secured Payment Method 

this is the most crucial part when purchasing online; sharing your credit/debit card details. Options to pay via credit card, debit card, and Paypal or other Third-Party payments are considered secure. Also, try not to make any online purchase when using public wi-fi or mobile apps connected to a public hotspot – it can be potentially easy for hackers to steal your information.

7. Be alert for Scams and Fraud 

This never-ending story through calls, emails, and even contacting us through social media for these people to try to steal our information. Be wary and do necessary actions if you think you’ve encountered these tactics. Don’t open any suspicious links, don’t easily provide your particulars over the phone, make sure to ask a couple of questions to verify whether the call is not a fraud/scam. Check the person’s identity through other social media accounts if he/she exists. If you experience scamming, make sure to call your bank and police if needed. And do check your bank statement often, especially if you frequently buy online.

8. Customer Reviews 

Finally, to check the reviews. How can we know that the reviews are not fake ones? Thanks to social media, these online shops nowadays have their social media accounts. That’s the best place to try to contact them and view more real/organic customer reviews. This is also perfect for reaching out to those who tagged the shop and understanding their experience. On that, you’ll have a more secure feeling before buying items online.

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