10 Best Nikon V1 Mirrorless Cameras – Of 2022

If you are looking for a product that can help make your life simple, you have come to the right place. The market is filled with different types of products that vary in features and specifications. Choosing the right nikon v1 mirrorless cameras can be a hassle. The following guide will help you choose the nikon v1 mirrorless cameras that best suit your needs.

We all want to pick a beautiful, sturdy, and durable product, but there are so many products available in the market that it can be confusing to choose one. This article will help you choose the right nikon v1 mirrorless cameras more easily.

10 nikon v1 mirrorless cameras: Editor Recommended

10 nikon v1 mirrorless cameras Review:

1. Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Nikon G-Type, and DX-Type Lens to Nikon 1-Series Camera, fits Nikon V1, J1 Mirrorless Cameras

Features :

  • Smooth surface for effortless mount
  • Infinity Focus Allowed
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 1
Weight 90.7
Release Date 2012-08-29T00:00:01Z

2. JINTU T2 T-Mount Telephoto Telescope Lens Adapter Ring to NX Mount Compatible with Nikon 1 N1 J1 J2 J3 J4 V1 V2 V3 S1 S2 AW1 Mirrorless Camera

Features :

  • This mount adapter is compatible for Nikon Mirrorless Camera to attach T2/T mount lens. allow focus infinity.
  • It also allows you to attach your nikon mirrorless camera to lenses, telescopes, microscopes, enlargers, and bellows attachments that have a T2 universal thread mount.
  • Completely manual control, manual focus and manual exposure.
  • With a mini wrench to help tighten or loosen the screw.
  • Made of high-quality metal material, durable for long time use.

Additional Info :

3. K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter, Canon EOS EF Mount Lens to Nikon 1-Series Camera, fits Nikon V1, J1 Mirrorless Cameras, fits EOS EF, and EF-S Lenses

Features :

  • Canon EF/EF-S mount Lens to Nikon 1 Series Camera
  • Designed for Nikkor 1 Series Mirror less Cameras, N1 1 V1 V2 V3 S1 S2 J1 J2 J3 J4 AW1 etc
  • Infinity focus function is allowed
  • Manual adapter,auto diaphragm/auto-focus is not allowed
  • All-metal design; anodized aluminum construction

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 5
Length 7
Weight 0.220462262
Release Date 2018-08-23T00:00:01Z

4. MEKE MK-N-AF3C-BLUE All Metal Auto Focus Macro Metal Extension Tube Adapter for Nikon N1-Mount Mirrorless Cameras J1 J2 J3 V1 V2

Features :

  • Meike MK-N-AF3C-Blue Tube diameter : Macro extension tube can be used alone or in superimposed,When using the extension tubes alone (10 mm or 16 mm) or combination (10mm+16mm=26mm), the focal length of lens should be greater than the length (10mm 16mm or 26mm ) of the tube.
  • Compatible with :Nikoncamera mirrorless cameras J1 J2 J3 V1 V2
  • Take close-up of small objects, insects , flowers or more item small and easy to carry, Nice construction and simple to use.
  • It enables you to use all shooting modes of the camera, exposure compensation is required. Getting closer has the effect of magnifying your subject (making it appear larger in the viewfinder and in your pictures)
  • The extension tube is designed for Nikon N-Mount lens mounting at a higher magnification at a closer distance

Additional Info :


5. FocusFoto C Mount CCTV/Cine Movie Lens to Nikon 1 J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, S1, S2, V1, V2, V3, AW1 Mirrorless Camera Body Adapter Ring

Features :

  • Solid metal mount lens adapter allows C-Mount Lens to fit on Nikon 1 Mount Mirrorless Cameras
  • Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.
  • User can only shoot in M mode.
  • Lens with max. inner diameter of 37.2mm (lenses with max. near-thread diameter of 37.2mm all can fit well without any modification). Lens with near-thread diameter larger than 37.2mm but smaller than 49.2mm still can fit, but will not focus to infinity
  • Automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operated with using this adapter.

6. Movo Photo AF Macro Extension Tube Set for Nikon 1 AW1, J1, J2, J3, JF, S1, S2, V1, V2, V3 Mirrorless Cameras with 10mm, 16mm and 21mm Tubes (Metal Mount)

Features :

  • Includes 10mm, 16mm & 21mm Automatic Extension Tubes
  • Enables closer focusing (Marco capability)
  • May be used individually or combined
  • Maintains auto focusing
  • Durable aluminum mount

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 2.7
Length 3.1

7. Voking 25mm f/1.7 Large Aperture Wide Angle Lens Manual Focus Lens Compatible with Nikon 1 Mount Mirrorless Cameras

Features :

  • Fixed focal length 25mm,Wide angle: Maximum aperture of 1.7-16 delivers smooth bokeh,fit Close-up/portrait photo photography
  • Lens construction is 7 elements in 5 groups, multi-layer coatings
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.25m,Full-frame Visual angle:diagonal 61° horizontal 50° vertical 35°
  • Compatible with Nikon 1 Mount cameras.Metal body, lightweight and portable
  • Lens Not Attached : MANUAL LENS need you to enable “M mode ” or “Release without lens” in the setting of camera

Additional Info :

8. Movo MT-NM47 3-Piece AF Chrome Macro Extension Tube Set for Nikon AW1, V1, V2, V3, J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, S1, S2 Mirrorless Cameras with 10mm, 16mm and 21mm Tubes

Features :

  • Chrome AF Mounting System – Maintains full Auto-Focus and Metering with the Nikon 1-Series Mirrorless Camera System
  • Creates beautiful macro shots of insects, flowers, coins, jewelry and more
  • Tubes can be used individually to shorten the minimum focus distance of your lens, or stacked for extreme close-up shots
  • Compatible with Full-Frame & Cropped Sensors
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with Fast & Friendly Support

9. K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter,Nikon F Mount Lens to Nikon 1-Series Camera, for Nikon V1, V2, J1, J2 Mirrorless Cameras

Features :

  • Nikon F/AI mount Lens to Nikon 1 Series Camera. Designed for Nikkor 1 Series Mirror less Cameras, N1 1 V1 V2 V3 S1 S2 J1 J2 J3 J4 AW1 etc
  • The Nikon-Nikon 1 adapter is not suitabke for Nikon DSLR camera body, e.g. D40 D70 D3100 D3200 D3300 D5100 D5200 D7100 etc.
  • Manual adapter,auto diaphragm/auto-focus is not allowed
  • All-metal design; anodized aluminum construction

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 3
Length 4.9
Weight 0.220462262

10. Haoge Camera Hand Wrist Strap for Fujifilm Fuji X-H1 XH1 X30 X70 X100 X100V X100F X100T X100S GFX 50R GFX100, for Canon EOS M5 M6, for Nikon 1 J3 J4 J5 V1 V2 V3 S1 S2 Climbing Rope Coffee

Features :

  • Carry a camera and lens up to 2.26kg/5lbs with the Climbing Rope Hand Strap from Haoge.
  • Ergonomically designed with a 14cm/5.5″ hand opening, this hand strap makes securing your camera to your wrist comfortable and convenient.
  • Intimate gasket, avoid metal ring wear on your camera.
  • Supports Mirrorless Cameras, Point & Shoot Cameras and DSLR Cameras with Round Hole Interface.
  • Color: Coffee

Additional Info :

Color A Hand Wrist Strap – Coffee

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Select nikon v1 mirrorless cameras: 

If you want to purchase products, follow a buying guide. Some features need to tick your products before buying. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Product Quality: The product must be of high quality. If the product is not of high quality, it will break down quickly and need repairing.
  • Price: The price of the product should be reasonable. The product must be within your budget so that you do not have any financial constraints while using it.
  • Brand reputation: The brand name should be well known in the market and has been around for a long time so that its reputation can be trusted and its quality can be ensured.

nikon v1 mirrorless cameras: Tips for Buying Online Safely

Online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives. The convenience of purchasing items from anywhere at any time is hard to beat. But it’s not all roses and sunshine. There are some real concerns when buying nikon v1 mirrorless cameras from online:

1. Use a Secure Wifi or Internet Connection

Although it is comfortable and easy to browse and buy through public networks, malls or stores, the truth is that these networks are often unreliable. Hackers and cybercriminals can easily capture the information packets transmitted over public connections. For this reason, we recommend you go through a secure network to make purchases or transactions in which you transfer personal information.

2. Keep Your Computer Updated and Protected

Online shopping is one of the processes in which more personal and dangerous information is transferred. Therefore, before shopping, ensure your computer is secure, updated and equipped with a good antivirus product.

3. Buy on Known and Reputable Websites

Searching the internet for the best offers can take you to the unknown and unreliable. Stay away from them. Check that the URL of the web site matches where you think it is, and its address begins with https. Shopping at trusted and reputable websites can prevent identity theft or data victims.

4.  Find and Review Privacy and Return Policies

Before buying from an online store, ensure that their Privacy Policy is easily located on the site and up to date. Do you know what to do if your gift is not right? How can you return it? These are also aspects to consider when choosing where to shop.

5. Only Share Personal Information That is Necessary and Only on a Secure Form

If it surprises you that they ask you for some personal information (mobile, relatives’ name, place of birth …) to carry out the purchase, do not do it, and it checks that you are in the correct place. In addition, tools such as the virtual keyboard of Panda Security can avoid data theft if your computer is infected with some virus spyware.

6. Avoid Links in Emails and Ads

Is the offer you received in an email too good to be true? Then, it probably is. During this time of year, e-mails and ads with offers and big discounts are a tool widely used by cybercriminals. Avoid phishing.

7. Periodically Check Your Credit Card Transactions

After making several purchases online, check that all charges on your account are known and controlled. If you find any suspicious activity, contact your bank. Maybe you’ve been a victim of identity theft.


There are many brands in the global and local market to choose from, but not all of them will offer you the nikon v1 mirrorless cameras. The key is finding a good brand that offers quality and value for your purchase. When choosing a good brand, critical considerations include customer reviews about their products, warranty policy, how long they’ve been around, and what other customers have said about their service record. We hope this post may help you narrow down your search so that now making an informed decision on which one to buy should be much easier!


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