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Current Projects at PDHRE

Developing Sustainable Human Rights Cities -

Create your own human rights community, where people at all levels of society learn about human rights and dedicate themselves to building and sustaining a human rights culture for their community.

Human Rights Community-building projects underway -

Human Rights Cities:
Rosario, Argentina
Thies, Senegal
Nagpur, India
Human Rights Villages in Senegal and Sudan
A Human Rights Nation - Mali

Human Rights Seminars -

Facilitating and supporting non-human rights organizations as they learn about using economic, social, and cultural human rights for social change.

New CEDAW training video and manual-

Explore the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms or Discrimination Against Women using an eight-part dramatic video and training manual, available in English, Spanish, and French.

Forthcoming publication:

Passport for Dignity, December 1999

Forthcoming publication:

Making the Connection: World Report on Human Rights Education for Social Transformation

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