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Richard Claude
The People's Movement for Human Rights Education
  R Claude photo RICHARD PIERRE CLAUDE is from St. Paul, Minnesota, and finished his graduate work as a Thomas Jefferson Foundation Fellow at the University of Virginia. He is Professor Emeritus of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland and recently a Visiting Professor at Princeton University where he inaugurated a college course on "Science and Human Rights."

He is the Founding Editor of HUMAN RIGHTS QUARTERLY (Johns Hopkins University Press) and author of EDUCATING FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: THE PHILIPPINES AND BEYOND (University of Hawaii Press, 1997). Professor Claude is the co-editor of several books published by the University of Pennsylvania Press: HUMAN RIGHTS AND STATISTICS: GETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT (1991); HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE WORLD COMMUNITY (a college textbook, 1992); and HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION FOR THE 21st CENTURY (1997). He was consulting author/editor for THE BELLS OF FREEDOM (Ethiopia) and LE TISSAGE DE LA LIBERTE.

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