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Related Links

Human Rights Education | Social Action & Initiatives | UN Conferences

Human Rights and Human Rights Education Links

Due to the sheer size of the web, this listing is unlikely ever to be comprehensive; however, we hope to highlight here just a few of the key sites on human rights and human rights education.

  • Amnesty International

  • Asian Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education (ARRC)
    Web site with many resources on human rights education of the Bangkok-based regional resource NGO.

  • Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR)
    CIIR is an international charity working for justice and the eradication of poverty.

  • The Center for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University.

  • Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria
    The Centre, established in 1986, is part of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pretoria.

  • Center for Sustainable Human Rights Action (CeSHRA) promotes and protects a culture of human rights observance by strengthening human rights organizations worldwide. CeSHRA's work addresses challenges to human rights groups and offers strategies useful for ensuring organizational effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

  • Education International - world's largest educators' federation, with website section on human rights and the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • European Human Rights Centre (EHRC) - EHRC represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations interested in the promotion of Human Rights throughout Europe and beyond.

  • Great Decisions Educators Corner - The Educators' Corner is an initiative of the Foreign Policy Association and has been developed to engage and support educators who are committed to teaching International Studies and who are interested in integrating the Great Decisions program into their classrooms.

  • Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization created to raise awareness of Humane Education among educators and community leaders. Given the prevalence of violence in society today, it is more crucial than ever to instill compassion, empathy and tolerance in young people

  • Human Rights Action
    An organization which addresses human rights violations. Currently the site is dedicated to the human rights violations surrounding the capture and imprisonment of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Many links to news releases, photographs, and huge amounts of background information on the current situation with the Kurds and their struggle for independence. (3/1/99).

  • Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
    An international non-profit organization whose main mission is to support efforts aimed at introducing human rights concepts and values in to educational curricula and teaching practices. The website includes an Electronic Resource Center, with direct access to hundreds of human rights education and training related documents, as well as links to other sites and resources. Resources include curricula, textbooks, training materials, bibliographies, databases and a calendar of human rights trainings and courses. (3/1/99).

  • Human Rights Education Project Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre.
    The Human Rights Education Project is a three year project of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre. The project will provide practical assistance to students at the junior high school level, and to their teachers. We are developing resource materials for students, as well as teaching materials, on a wide range of human rights topics.

  • Human Rights Internet
    Also includes an (expansive) section specifically on HR education, including materials from all over the world.

  • Human Rights Library at the University of Minnesota.
    A huge selection of human rights resources, including a section on human rights education. Minnesota's site is part of the Diana network (see above).

  • Human Rights Research Tool An internet hyperlinked pathfinder tool for human rights and international law research.

  • Interhemispheric Resource Center
    A private non-profit research and analysis policy institute located in Albuquerque and Silver City, New Mexico, which produces books, policy reports, and periodicals on U.S. foreign relations with the third world, as well as sponsoring popular education projects. Their Foreign Policy In Focus briefs offer recommendations for alternative policy directions that would make the United States a more responsible partner.

  • International Women's Rights Action Watch - Asia Pacific
    IWRAW Asia Pacific is an international human rights organisation that carries out collaborative projects to facilitate the monitoring and implementation of the CEDAW Convention (women's convention) regionally and globally.

  • Islam and Human Rights Fellowship Program
    The Islam and Human Rights Fellowship Program at Emory University is a three-year project that brings scholars and activists together to explore the relationship between human rights and Islam.

  • LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights (St. Thomas University School of Law)
    This innovative program is designed to offer in-depth instruction on the critical issue of our time: the protection of human dignity across political, social, economic and cultural lines. The program offers more than 25 mostly one-week compact courses in intercultural human rights. The faculty is one of global distinction and includes top-level United Nations experts, outstanding scholars, judges and practitioners in the field. Students will be prepared for effective research and advocacy in the field of human rights.

  • MA Program in Understanding and Securing Human Rights (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London)
    Interdisciplinary program aimed at individuals who are already, or wish to become human rights professionals and activists. In addition the course is suitable for academics, journalists, public servants and employees of intergovernmental agencies. In contrast to many other such programmes which place emphasis on law, this course draws widely upon philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, political science and development economics as well as law. Lecturers come both from the British academic community and from among human rights professionals.

  • MagNet
    If you are looking for documents and recent trends on governance issues, you can browse MagNet's database of governance publications or access United Nation's Development Programme's (UNDP) Management Development and Governance Division (MDGD) governance newsletter. A search engine is available to help you locate specific information amongst MagNet's resources. A Resource Book on Capacity Development provides numerous resources on conceptual frameworks, tools and methodologies, case studies and training modules.

  • National Center for Human Rights Education
    The mission of CHRE is to "bring human rights home" to the American people, and build a Human Rights Culture in the United States.

  • Netzwerk Menschenrechtsbildung
    Human Rights resource in German and French.

  • Prevent Genocide International
    Prevent Genocide International is a nonprofit educational organization established in 1998 with the purpose of bringing about the elimination of the crime of genocide. The organization makes particular use of the Internet as a way of linking persons around the world in a transnational network of global civic engagement and action.

  • ResponsibleCitizen
    ResponsibleCitizen was formed to offer a unique reference point on how to beat anti-social behaviour and promote good citizenship. Poor parenting? Lack of community spirit? Anti-social behaviour? This site discusses your rights and how to encourage responsible citizenship.

  • Rights and Democracy / Droits et Démocratie
    Rights & Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development) is a non-partisan organization with an international mandate. It was created by Canada's Parliament in 1988 to encourage and support the universal values of human rights and the promotion of democratic institutions and practices around the world.

  • Right to Education Project
    A public access human rights resource and devoted to furthering the rule of law as the grounding of human rights, and promotes the right to education, human rights and fundamental freedoms in education, and enhancement of human rights through education.

  • The Runnymede Trust
    Founded in 1968, Runnymede is a leading independent think tank on ethnicity and cultural diversity. Its mandate since inception has been to challenge racial discrimination, to influence related legislation and to promote a successful multi-ethnic Britain.

  • Space for Human Rights
    Space for Human Rights is a transnational organization founded in 2007 to develop innovative strategies and methodologies for the dissemination of knowledge and awareness of Human Rights. It brings together diverse creative initiatives with respect to issues of politics and territories. By setting up a mutual platform for artists and activists to express themselves we seek to host examples of significant art forms pursued by a new generation of creative, socially engaged people.

  • University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR)
    Initiated by a multi-disciplinary group of faculty, UICHR emphasizes a diverse array of cross-disciplinary activities designed to consider, constructively and critically, the problems and prospects of human rights at home and abroad, with particular attention given to economic, social, and cultural rights. These activities, emphasizing transdisciplinary collaboration, include scholarly commentary, educational innovation, artistic advocacy and expression, community outreach, and direct action. The UICHR is directed by Professor Burns H. Weston.

  • UNESCO Human Rights Division
    A good overview of the UNESCO's human rights activities, searchable database, international human rights norms and covenants, and global UNESCO networks in human rights and peace education.

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
    A good overview of the UN's human rights activities, international human rights norms and covenants, and information on the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration.

  • University of Oxford Master of Studies degree in International Human Rights Law
    The aim of the degree programme is to train and support future leaders in the field of international human rights law. A central objective of the course is to ensure that participants not only know but also can use human rights law. The curriculum places roughly equal emphasis on the substance of human rights law, analysis of its implementation and research.

  • The UNSW Initiative for Health and Human Rights
    The University of New South Wales’ Initiative for Health and Human Rights (IHHR) is a multidisciplinary research, teaching, service and advocacy initiative founded collectively by the Faculties of Arts and Social Science, Law and Medicine.

  • Women's Human Rights Resources (at the Bora Laskin Law Library)
    Elaborate web site with diverse, quality information on
    women's international human rights law , including annotated
    bibliographic references to scholarly articles; annotated
    references to conventions and UN Reports; NGO reports,
    case law and legislation.


Human Rights Education | Social Action & Initiatives | UN Conferences

Social Action & Initiatives Links

  • BlackFamilies.com offers a family-oriented, interactive environment providing current information on parenting, tips on how to improve family relationships, and current events that face the African-American family.

    CANADEM is a resource bank of qualified Canadians with skills in areas such as human rights, peace building or democracy. Organization can use Canadem as a way to identify qualified candidates for particular missions or posts. Includes an extensive list to human rights related job boards..

  • WebActive A site which provides links to many news and information resources that lie outside the traditional mainstream commercial sources, and attempts to provide resources that make "the internet an effective tool for progressive activism."

  • 1998 Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights
    Addresses the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a forum for refocusing international attention on women's human rights.

  • Community of Sant'Egidio International Campaign against Death Penalty: Moratorium 2000.
    The Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome has started collecting signatures for their appeal, in Italy and on all continents for a moratorium on the death penalty by the year 2000. You can read the entire text of the appeal and sign it online at their website. The signatures they collect will constitute the moratorium proposal to be made to all nations represented at the UN. In English and Italian.

  • MADRE Since 1983, MADRE has worked in partnership with community-based organizations in conflict areas worldwide to address issues of women's health, economic development, and other human rights. MADRE provides resources and training for its sister organizations and works to empower people in the US to demand change to unjust policies.

  • Development Gateway The Development Gateway helps communities, organizations, and individuals build partnerships, share ideas, and work together to reduce poverty.

  • Global Issues Over 3000 links ranging from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics and the environment.

  • The Women's Mosaic  A nonprofit organization that educates, inspires, and motivates women of every background to express their full power and potential in the world. Dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding and empowerment among all women since January 2001, TWM has fostered a community of over 2000 by offering more than 85 unique activities and events that help women learn more about and connect to themselves, each other, and the world around them. Our blog, CHICKS ROCK! was recently launched as a vehicle for women to share their experiences related to diversity and personal growth.


Human Rights Education | Social Action & Initiatives | UN Conferences

Links to UN Conference Sites

Recent world conferences have produced powerful plans of action that have in common the protection and betterment of all human futures, North and South, specifically addressing the protection of women's human rights and generally promoting human rights principles. Taken together, existing international norms and standards and the proclamations resulting from these world conferences provide the basis for comprehensive actions against threats to human dignity and security.

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