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"Human Rights and Economic Globalisation:
Directions for the WTO"

Global Foundation, Sweden. November 1999
ISBN 9197373907

Do human rights matter to international trade policy in a globalising economy? Or are they a distraction better left to specialist bodies and kept well out of the World Trade Organisation?

This unique book brings together articles, case studies and position papers by activists and scholars from around the world for the first time to address these questions. The contributors forcefully argue that human rights do matter and must be brought from the margins to the centre of economic policy making - in particular trade policy making. Containing several official documents and resources from UN human rights bodies, this book is a timely reminder that the first and foremost responsibility of states is to protect and promote the human rights of their citizens. And that a parallel, though much neglected, body of international jurisprudence - international human rights law - exists and can be mobilised to challenge the dominance of international trade law, as effectively laid down by the WTO, if governments fail to uphold their international human rights (and environmental) treaty obligations.

On the eve of the Third Ministerial Conference of the WTO in November 1999, and at a time of growing opposition to the WTO and the economic globalisation project for their contribution to rising social inequality and environmental destruction, governments would do well to remember that there are a higher set of obligations that their citizens will hold them to account to: human rights and fundamental freedoms cannot be traded away in the name of free trade. This book calls for a new approach to trade policy making: one that adopts an overarching human rights framework and one that ensures true transparency, accountability and citizen participation at the national and international level to recover the lost legitimacy of the global trading system.

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