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Introduction | Human Rights Education | Globalization & Human Rights


We strongly encourage interactivity and would greatly appreciate receiving your reactions, ideas, and input into this site by e-mail, fax, phone or mail. Our goal is to share materials and experiences among groups worldwide working for social and economic justice and human rights. We would be pleased to make your information and experiences available on this site.

Introduction | Human Rights Education | Globalization & Human Rights

"Breaking Through the Vicious Cycle of Humiliation: Strategies for Racial Justice Through Human Rights Education". Concept paper for World Conference Against Racism (September 2001)

"Rompiendo el Ciclo Vicióso de Humillación: Estrategías Para La Justicia Racial a Través de la Educación en Derechos Humanos". Documento Conceptual (Septembrie 2001)

Human Rights Education for Social Transformation: Innovative Grassroots Programs on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by Shula Koenig (forthcoming in: David Barnhizer, ed., Effective Strategies for Protecting Human Rights: Prevention and Intervention, Trade and Education (Ashgate Publishing, December 2001)

La Educación en Derechos Humanos para la transformación social: Programas innovativos de organizaciones locales sobre derechos sociales, económicos y culturales (Translated by Paulina Lopez)

Human Rights Education as a Tool to Democratize the World Trading System

Human Rights Education, Human Rights Culture and the Community of Non-Governmental Organizations: The Birth of a Politcal Ideology for the Twenty-First Century

"Embracing Women As Full Owners of Human Rights" An address by Shula Koenig before the Policy Forum: Gender Focus on the World Trade Organization, June 11-12, 1999

Human Rights Education: A Development Strategy Toward Human Security -Our Contribution to the People's Agenda

The Osaka Declaration: Declaration of the International Conference on Human Rights Education in the Asia Pacific Region.

Women to Lead the Human Rights Revolution. An address by Shulamith Koenig given at a post-Beijing conference in Vienna.

Towards A Pedagogy Of Human Rights Education. A declaration adopted at the International Consultation on the Pedagogical Foundations of Human Rights Education, La Catalina, Costa Rica, 22-26 July, 1996.

Random Reflections on the [Im]possibility of Human Rights Education. A presentation given by Upendra Baxi at the above conference.

Human Rights Have Wings: A Note for Teachers. Once we recognize that all of us -- teachers, students and everyone else -- have human rights, then it should become clear that the object of human rights education is not to sow the seeds of social unrest. An essay specially written by Richard Pierre Claude for PDHRE.

Human Rights Education: The Promise of the Third Millennium?", by Upendra Baxi.

Introduction | Human Rights Education | Globalization & Human Rights

Globalization & Human Rights

Human Rights, Globalization and the Anti-MAI campaign.

Acquisitive Mimesis in the Theories of Reflexive Globalization and the Politics of Human Rights," by Upendra Baxi. Paper presented at Chicago Humanities Institute, May 9-10, 1996.

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